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CURRICULUM GUIDE: Creativity and Aging through the Lens of Film PDFs - HS and College

For those of you who do not know about Project Look Sharp at Ithaca College they create some really interesting and rich curriculum kids for core curricula issues (the Middle East, creativity, health) around media and popular culture. In short, they make curriculum pop.

They just released a new downloadable PDF study guide titled Creativity and Aging through the Lens of Film with five themes (video clips included):
1: Creativity in Mentoring
2: Creativity in Music
3: Creativity in Preserving Cultural Tradition
4: Creativity in Relationship
5: Creativity in Service

The description from Cyndy Scheibe the Executive Director of Project Look Sharp...

Creativity and Aging through the Lens of Film is designed for college level classes (in aging studies, lifespan development, music, film, or media literacy classes). 5 lessons (each containing 4 short clips from popular and documentary films) explore what it means to be creative and how older adults exhibit creativity in a wide range of ways.


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