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This film from the American Federation of Teachers and the accompanying PDF teacher's guide look like they're designed for the 6-12 student. Teachers looking for kids to "take action" on pressing social issues or studying social change movements should get a lot of use from this teaching kit.

All the materials are FREE from the AFT. The film contains a nice blend of time periods and geographic regions including:
• Alabama 1963
• South Africa 1976
• Burma 1988
• China 1989
• Iran 1999.

Info below is from the aft website....

"Take a Stand: Student Activism Around the World"
Students have played an important role in democracy movements around the globe.

This video features four young activists who explain what motivated them to engage in the struggle for democracy and human rights in their native countries: Burma, China, Iran and South Africa, and examines the possibilities available to young Americans who seek to implement change in the issues that matter to them. An accompanying teachers' guide provides additional background resources and activities that encourage students to think of themselves as engaged citizens. The video is available at no charge. Please select the link below to place your order.

"Take a Stand: Student Activism Around the World" video order form.

View a preview of the video below.

Full Size-Widescreen

"Take a Stand" Teachers Guide
The teachers guide accompanies the Take a Stand video, and contains background resources and activities for students. This downloadable version includes printable classroom handouts.

Download "Take a Stand" video resources teachers guide.

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