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At the same time Frank Baker send me an article about the director of the new film Art & Copy I received an e-mail about the film's New York Premiere. It looks like it about creativity, perception and some of the ethical complications of profession. WWDDD (What would Don Draper do?). Sounds like some of the language might not make it easy to teach below 10th grade if it is a teachable film...

Looks like it does have an interesting slant on the ad world. If anyone sees it soon you'll have to post a review. In the meantime - the trailer and a New York Times interview with the director are below.

Doug Pray profile from the New York Times here.

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I saw Art and Copy at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, and it's really interesting and entertaining. It may be a bit long for classroom use in total, and today's students might have no memory of the iconic ad campaigns it describes. However, it includes the recent/current iPod ad campaign, and it explains where "Just Do It" came from. It would be a fascinating study with Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point. One thing it does drive home is that the ads, images, and taglines that seem to come from nowhere are, in fact, created by individual people or teams. Somebody composed "Got Milk?" Who knew?

If you are interested in advertising, the creation of memorable lines and images, you'll probably love the movie, and if you teach with/about mass media, then you'll probably be able to use at least part of it in class.
A to the T - thanks for the additional info. I can't wait to see it.

BTW - have you read about this guy at Columbia whose work looks to debunk Gladwell's work, the article was in Fast Company fall 2008...

Is the Tipping Point Toast?



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