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Paradise Lost
Reported by Mona Iskander
60 min.

This episode of the PBS series "NOW" offers students an intimate look at one of the consequences of global warming: the loss of island nations throughout the world. Kiribati, in the South Pacific, is being "drowned" by the rising seas caused by global climate change. Paradise Lost puts students face-to-face with people who are becoming some of the world's first climate refugees. And it confronts them with the ugly irony that the people with the world's smallest carbon footprint are the ones who are suffering the most. Global warming is often presented as some kind of off-in-the-future science fiction scenario. Paradise Lost allows students to see that this is a here-and-now issue. Although it is available for purchase, it can be downloaded at the PBS website.

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Wow... this is cool, only watched a quick clip of it. Next year when we take a look at refugees, I want to expand how we define and think about it and this would be a perfect way to shift the conversation a bit. Thanks, G!
No problem Lauren - Thank you for commenting! This is quite a mind-bender, eh? Uh, isn't Manhattan an island :) Yikes!!! I also posted it in the world lit group as you can do any refugee story with Milton's Paradise Tost!




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