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Frank Baker (the wizard behind the Media Literacy Clearinghouse) posted this interesting website created by the Advertising, Educational Foundation. The site claims to be an "interdisciplinary curriculum for advertising in society, culture and history." After looking through it I would not really call it a curriculum as there are no lesson plans, objectives, guiding questions or classroom ready materials - BUT there are lots of wonderful images, videos, movie stills and primary source documents organized around some interesting essays about advertising. To me the site reads like a great interactive book loaded with ideas that could be adapted into a curriculum.

The site covers topics like:
What is Advertising
The Management of Brands
"Subliminal" Advertising
A Brief History of Advertising in America
Representations of Masculinity and Femininity in Advertising

and the section I spent some time with
High Culture/Low Culture: Advertising in Literature, Art, Film, and...

The strength of these "chapters" is that they are loaded with examples you can integrate into your curriculum. In fact, this chapter spends some time looking at the relationship between Charles Dickens, Henry James, James Joyce and advertising. The Dickens section is very interesting.

Additionally, as you scroll down this chapter, you'll see they've gone to the trouble of pulling a lot of video clips and still images that you can teach with.

If you deal with advertising and media literacy, this is sure to give you a lot of ideas that you can craft into lessons. And of course if you're doing an entire class on Mad Men - this is the supplemental website for you:)

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Fantastic! I love this website! For my unit I like to include Evelyn Ryan's advertisements. So I also like to include The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio (book or movie....both are great!!) about Evelyn and the times when companies had competitions for writing jingles, which in itself was an advertisement to get you to buy those products.
Sean, Glad you liked it - Frank Baker sent info out about it - I just combed the site a bit more - when you make an awesome unit you'll have to share it with everyone. BTW - by any chance did you find out who the dude was that made the Lit Allusions wiki in MI? Hope you're well!!




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