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Just like the (beware - shameless plug) Mindblue Album Cover Project where students write a biography and design an album cover for a historical, literary or scientific figure you can also have kids create their MySpace or Facebook profiles. This is a great great simple assessment or review activity. Of course you don't have to limit yourself to a person's page, they can always do one for an event, place or concept.

This "Civil War" facebook page from the humor site Holy Taco is a great model of this more abstract approach to the assignment:

I know lots of teachers have been doing this type of project (Lauren represent?) - if you have cool student versions please scan and post as I'm sure teachers would LOVE to see them!

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Jessica, if you have a template it would be really cool if you could share it as a PDF with folks. Even cooler, we're a passwoord site, so if you wanted to share some of the studnets work that would be cool too!

Thanks for reading and responding!

Hey ya'll,
Since Ryan asked me to represent, this is more of a Global/ELA connector, but it can obviously be remixed for US, as well. As part of an independent research project on the Greek and Roman pantheon, I had my students create a myspace profile page (on a paper template that I created... the barebones template is attached... there's a space for the playlist, which I drew in by hand, but you get the gist), which included writing a blog entry from the perspective of their god/goddess, "top friends" (which showed me how well they'd read and understood the mythology they researched), a themed music playlist (my favorite song a student picked was the freesyle classic "Spring Love" as a song for Persephone) and decorating the background to represent their god/goddess. Ry, I don't have student work scanned and with me... but I'll post it by the end of summer... let me know if you have questions on how to make this work in your classroom!

Wow this is an amazing project that can be done with students of all ages. Incorporating technology students use on a daily basis will definatly create a friendly fun learning experience for students of all ages. Assuming that you have easy access to Pc's for all students in your class this would be a very exciting project!
Dustin, make sure you check this post also...



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