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Aug 30, 2018 WIR: Roald Dahl, Vintage Keith Haring Doc, Cheng's Math Camp & More


Merry Thursday #mcpop people!

We have a nice collection this week to make your curriclum pop. Hopefully, folks have been able to check the resources in our NEW Learning Science /SEL group I shared yesterday!

That said, what's shakin' this week? Here's a sampler ...

in Elementary Educators
PRINTABLES: from for Back-to-School
RADIO: In Sesame's New Show, To Play Is To Learn
COLLECTION: Arbor Day Foundation ‏"Carly's Kids Corner" page
CELEBRATE: September 13, 2018 #RoaldDahlDay
VIDEO: What would #creatures in a world #without #violence look like?

in Sustainable/Green Education
ARTICLE: The Department of Defense wants to protect itself from climate change threats it’s helping to spur
TOOL: UN Sustainable Dev. Goals / Lazy Person's Guide to Saving the World
ARTICLE: How One 11-year-old Stopped the Contamination of a River
POV: Penn State's Michael E. Mann on Climate Change Solutions
ARTICLE: Climate change cuts the shipping route between China and Europe by 5,000 miles

in Fashion & Education
DOCUMENTARY: (Alexander) McQueen

in New Media & Technology
RESEARCH: Facebook Fueled Anti-Refugee Attacks in Germany, New Research Suggests
ARTICLE: From Digital Native to Digital Expert via Harvard Ed

in Art & Visual Cultures
TOON: Art School Fish
TOON: Assignment Idea - If masterworks could talk
PBS: Art 21 is the best Art show EVER
NEW MUSEUM: Japan’s first digital art museum makes visitors a part of the installation
DOC/EXHIBIT: Keith Haring & The Chicago [Public Schools] Mural
TOON: Daily fantasy, daily disappointment. My creative process.

in Teach with Moving Images
Using The Emmy Awards As A Versatile Teaching Tool
ALLUSIONS: Spike Lee, Gone w/ the Wind and more
CLIP: Editing to videos together can really change a story
PDFs: Download 2018 Oscar Contenders + Over 175 More Film Scripts

in Graphic Novels & Comics
PODCAST: 'American Born Chinese' author Gene Yang
COLLECTION: Toons about Procrastinating

In PE, Health & Wellness
ARTICLE: The global playground revolution has begun
RESEARCH: How You Felt About Gym Class May Impact Your Exercise Habits Today.
RESEARCH: How Body Type May Determine Runners’ and Swimmers’ Destinies

The News: Teaching With and About it
BLOG: This is what filter bubbles actually look like

in Math Educators!
OVERVIEW: Eugenia Cheng's Chicago HS Math Camp
PRINTABLE: When Parents Want to Help With Math Homework

in World Literature

Also, the usual (plus one NEW) reminders...

1.Consider retweeting some of the resources shared here at MC POP by following the Mindblue twitter feed. I tweet stuff from our broadcasts and re-tweet resources from other folks that falls under our #MCPs hashtag. A lot of the stuff shared there is worthy of group discussion posts here at MC POP, and some of them have been added to special interest groups but, alas, there are only so many hours in a day. Twitter is the fastest way to share.

2. If you have a question you want broadcast on a Crowdsource Tuesday you can always CLICK HERE to find out how to best post a question for our 9,500+ members to consider!

3. If you know of a cool website, resource, article or have a project to share - please use the group discussion forums to hip us to things that "make curriculum pop." Everyone loves to hear what you're using/doing. Sharing these things is what makes MC POP a rich and dynamic social network.

4. BLOGGING IN SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS is something anyone here at MC POP can do. Stergios Botzakis and Aussie blogger Susan Stephenson are great models. While they actually run their own blogs you don't need to have a standing online publication; you can simply develop your ideas or share your work in one of the special interest group discussion forums and, if it is showcase worthy, I'll share it on a Blog & Cog Monday!

5. You can join special interest groups to get in on the day-to-day resources and discussion here at MC POP. After you click on a group the upper right hand corner has a little "+ JOIN GROUP X" option. Click on that and you're a part of the club!

6. NEW! If you haven't had a chance to check out the #MCPOP book or have and really enjoy it, you can pick it up at Amazon or write a review there. You can also ⬇️download ⬇️ an execllent (and totes free) PLC study guide and example Learning Experience Organizers (LEOs) filled out by students from Free Spirit Press HERE.

Thanks, as always, for being a part of our super cool community!

I look forward to chatting with everyone online!

Ryan R. Goble, Ed.D. HS teaching and learning coordinator by day - consultant, author, founder & by night!


"If I and other teachers truly want to provoke our students to break through the limits of the conventional and the taken for granted, we ourselves have to experience breaks with what has been established in our own lives’; we have to keep arousing ourselves to begin again.” Maxie Greene (1917-2014)


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