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Deconstructing Popular Advertisements

One of the reasons why visual/media literacy education is not more widespread is that educators haven't had sufficient training in deconstruction. With that in mind, I share the following web resource. The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding has devoted a portion of its web site to Current Popular Culture Advertisements, available to download and deconstruct. One of the reasons this site is so valuable is--you don't have to own the… Continue

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Columbine left its indelible mark on pop culture

A CNN news story: The massacre of students and a teacher within the seemingly safe hallways of Columbine High School has generated a lot of creations from artists, writers, musicians, and filmmakers over the past decade.

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NCSS' New Policy Statement on Media Literacy

Media educator Jeff Share, a past member of the NCTE Commission on Media, has asked me to share this news. The National Council for the Social Studies has recently published a new position statement on media literacy. It is a very important move that NCSS has both recognized and recommended media literacy be taught as part of social studies instruction. The statement, which Jeff helped write, can be found here. Please consider… Continue

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Barack Obama Poster Parodies

Everyone, by now, has seen the famous, colorful Barack Obama poster that debuted during the election season. But how many of us have seen the various parody posters that were created, as a result of the original? I invite you, once again, to surf over to The Media Literacy Clearinghouse for a look. Frank Baker

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Inspiring Interest in Literature With Manga

Teacher Angela Youngman examines how Manga novels might be used to inspire children in school towards an interest in literature.

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Video Games in The English Language Arts Classroom

Michael Dezuanni, a media literacy educator at Queensland University of Technology (Australia), writes on his blog about the use of videogames as another multi-modal text ELA teachers should consider.

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Call for Proposals: International Visual Literacy Association

Critically Engaging the 21st Century Learner in Visual Worlds and Virtual Environments

41st Annual Conference

International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA)


Proposals due: March 21st 2009

DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois- USA

October 6-9, 2009

You are cordially invited to submit a proposal for the 41st Annual Conference of the International Visual Literacy… Continue

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New/recommended book: Television and American Culture

Fellow media educator Jason Mittell sends along this announcement about his new book, just published by Oxford University Press. You can find more info at the companion website , and the official OUP site , including how to request a review copy for faculty interested in adoption.

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Call for Entries: NCTE Annual Media Literacy Teacher Award

The NCTE Commission on Media is proud to announce that it will award the fourth annual Media Literacy Award at the NCTE Annual Convention in Philadelphia. Previous award winners are profiled here. The deadline for applications for the 2009 award is Monday, June 15, 2009. The award winner will be notified by the end of August. The award will be presented at… Continue

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Stony Brook (NY) Summer HS News Literacy Institute Invites Teachers.....

The Stony Brook University’s Center for News Literacy is seeking applications from high school teachers for an innovative two week summer program in News Literacy. News Literacy is an emerging discipline designed to teach students how to use their critical thinking skills to judge the reliability of news reports. Funded by a grant from the Ford Foundation, the Center will select up to 50 fellows for the summer of 2009 to participate in a two-week program that will include a condensed version of… Continue

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Using Popular Magazine Covers to Teach Media/Visual Literacy/Informational Text Features

On my website, I have just uploaded a one page printable activity that you might consider for your students. Let me know what you think. Frank Baker PS There is a similar activity on the media/politics page involving TIME magazine covers of Obama and McCain.

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Hip-Hop In The Classroom (downloadable curriculum)

This might be of interest: Art Sanctuary, a non-profit organization out of North Philadelphia, has compiled an excellent Hip-Hop Curriculum Guide to teach students about writing, reading and critical thinking through an analysis on hip-hop culture. With units on language in context, genre, identity and media literacy, this is one of the most thorough and unique academic approaches to studying hip-hop. Best of all, it’s aligned to standards for language arts and social studies. Read through it… Continue

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Using WALL E in the Science Classroom

If you've seen the Disney/Pixar film WALL E, then you know the film has many implications for the science classroom. (If you haven't seen it, shame on you!) Anyway, the current issue of NSTA Reports contains a nice recommendation for how to use the film in a physics setting.

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For Your Consideration (Oscar Ads)

If you've never read VARIETY or HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, then you've probably never seen the advertisements labeled "For Your Consideration." But the people who make those movies have to promote them to the other people who vote, so these ads have become commonplace this time of year. Once again, I have created a web page about the ads in hopes of encouraging teachers to use the ads in their classrooms.

Take a look and let me… Continue

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Barack Obama Is Changing Pop Culture Forever

It's not my opinion: it's the cover story in the Jan.30/Feb.6 issue of Entertainment Weekly, which can be read here Additionally, the website has a photo gallery here.

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