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Looking Back on NAMLE's "Bridging Literacies" Conference

Ryan's email reminded me to post this new website where I have embedded links to some bloggers who wrote about happenings at the just concluded National Association of Media Literacy Education bi-annual conference in Detroit Michigan. Among other things, NAMLE unveiled the first issue of its new online journal:
The Journal of Media Literacy Education. This year's conference was full of engaging events and presentations, including one by the UK's Sonia Livingstone. Be sure to go here to read all about it.

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Comment by Peter Gutierrez on August 5, 2009 at 4:31pm
Yes, it was a great conference for several reasons.

What I'm largely interested in is this, though: if you're reading Frank's thoughtful overview/summary and you aren't a NAMLE member, and yet clearly you believe that pop culture has a place in the classroom, what would you need to see from such an organization before joining it?

And if you prefer not to respond in public, please e-mail me and I'll keep your reply confidential:

Thanks -- !!


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