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October is anti-bullying month and celebrities want to discuss it with your students live!

Seth Godin’s doing it. Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Mark Victor Hansen’s doing it. Countless Nickelodeon and Disney Channel Stars are doing it.

If you're a teacher in Hollywood, you might not be someone who is interested in doing it, but for those who don't run across celebrities everyday, here's an opportunity to bring one right into your classroom. It doesn't cost a dime or take a lot of work either.

As part of anti-bullying month, you can sign up for a star to do a Skype visit to your classroom sometime during the month of October. Visits last about 30 minutes. During that time the celebrity will take about 15 minutes to discuss their personal experiences with bullying and then they'll spend the rest of the time with questions, answers, and discussion where the kids can share their own experiences and ask their own questions.

If you're interested you will need the following:

Download Skype and know your ID
Age/grade of kids
Number of kids attending
Times and dates available
Email address

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