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SpellingCity Premium Membership Now Elgible for Adopt-a-Classroom funds!

SpellingCity Premium Membership has been approved for funding by

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Every teacher today needs help covering out-of-pocket classroom expenses for items like SpellingCity's Premium Membership. Some schools provide each teacher with two hundred dollars per year, some provide nothing. Either way, it's never enough, is it? is a national, award-winning nonprofit organization supporting classroom teachers by helping them find funds for approved classroom projects.

SpellingCity Premium Membership is now an approved project for Adopt-A-Classroom funding! If you would like some with funding to pay for your classroom membership, you might try following these steps.

Step one is to register with Adopt-A-Classroom and list the expenses that you would like help covering, such as $49.99 for a year of SpellingCity Premium Membership. Adopt-a-Classroom has approved SpellingCity's Premium Membership and other expenses: check on their website for lists of approved expenses.

By registering, your classroom will be posted on the Adopt-A-Classroom website available for donors to select. You could then wait to see if your Classroom gets adopted (funded). Or you could be proactive and make sure it gets funded by going to step two.

Step two is to reach out to your network and let everyone know that you are registered at Adopt-A-Classroom! One idea is to tell your students’ parents that for the holidays, you’d like them to consider adopting your classroom. Just provide them with a link to your Adopt-A-Classroom page and they can make a tax deductible donation to your classroom online. Another idea is to use the tools that Adopt-A-Classroom provides to email your friends and family – it’s as easy as copying and pasting your address book contacts and clicking ‘send’. See a sample letter below. Once you’ve been adopted, go to step three. Many teachers find that December (the holidays) and January (the start of a new year) are productive times to ask for help.

Step three is to spend your donated funds! You will have full discretion to purchase materials for your classroom from Adopt-A-Classroom’s network of online vendors. You can purchase resources such as SpellingCity Premium Membership which is $49.99 for a classroom per year. You can find a full list of available vendors on Adopt-A-Classroom's website.

To register your classroom today (or for more information) on, click here.

Sample Letter for Reaching Out for Support

Date: ____________
Friends or Parents,

I am reaching out to you to help me help our students reach their highest level. Adopt-a-Classrom ( is a nonprofit organization that offers you an easy and accountable way to contribute funds to my classroom to make a real difference for me and my students.

Here's a description of my classroom and specific needs:

Number of students who benefit:
Project Description: Premium Membership for This online service has a Premium Membership which will help the students build their spelling, vocabulary, and reading skills. The Premium Membership allows the spelling tests to be taken on the computer which gives the students immediate feedback and allows them to quickly take follow-up tests. This motivates the students. Premium Membership also includes some premium activities and games which would benefit our language arts program. The cost for thirty students is $50 which is $1.50 per student per year.

Please view my page on the Adopt-a-Classroom website and consider contributing: ___________________________________ .

All contributions are tax deductible, 100% of the donation goes to my classroom. Adopt-A-Classroom take 0% for administration.

I greatly appreciate your consideration. Feel free to contact me with any questions. And I would appreciate it if you would pass this along to interested friends and contacts.


Telephone: _______________________
Email: _______________________

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