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Custom Sentences on SpellingCity - very cool!

You can now add your own sentences on SpellingCity!

I predict this will be one of the most popular features we've introduced! To try it out, login and either edit or create a new list. There are details below of this exciting new capability.

Adding Your Own Sentences - Details

Why would a teacher or parent want to write their own sentence? Let's assume that a teacher has a spelling list about fish with the word "scales" on it. But the SpellingCity default sentence for scales is: "The scales were not giving the weights accurately." As of now, while editing a list, the teacher can click on "Add" (located in the Alternative Sentences column) and type in a new sentence. This feature is very useful for words with multiple meanings (homonyms) such as: spruce, fair, scale, deck, bat, box, tip, state, file, fish, hog and horse.

Add your own sentences!

Is this feature available to everyone or just Premium Members? For everyone.

What about the audio? We are breaking our old rule of only using human voices and we are using sophisticated voice synthesis for these sentences.

Will others get access to these sentences? Over time, yes. We want to allow them to be shared but only after a quality review by SpellingCity editors. SpellingCity is creating a system for reviewing both the demand and supply of user-generated sentences to moderate them and make them available to others as an alternative.

Will there also be a system for users to add their own words? Probably. We will look at it.

Who owns the sentences that teachers add to SpellingCity? SpellingCity does. When you write in a sentence on our site, it is a contribution to (not tax deductible). Be sure to only enter your own original sentences. NO PLAGIARISM. Again, the sentences you write become the property of SpellingCity. If you don't want to give us your sentences, don't type them into our website.

How do I learn more? You can either login and try creating your own sentences or if you'd like, you can watch a 60 second video on Teacher Training.

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