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SpellingCity Teacher Training is Now Available. Free!

Teacher & Parent-Educator Training

Many teachers and parents learn to use SpellingCity just by using it, others prefer to start with some training. For those that prefer some training, these videos provide a solid base. Each video takes less than three minutes to view. At SpellingCity, we believe that powerful software should be easy to use.

Watch a Teacher Training Video.

Get Started – Demonstrates how a user enters words and takes a test.
Test Results – Explains the information that SpellingCity provides after taking a test.
Custom Sentences - Shows how parents and teachers can add their own sentences! New!
Handwriting – Details how to create handwriting worksheets using your spelling lists.
Users View – A British teacher provides a rapid overview of how he uses
Premium Membership – Explains student record keeping and the premium games.

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Comment by SpellingCity Mayor on February 8, 2010 at 7:57am
Of course, I like this. Thanks John.


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