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A few months ago Nicole and I watched the film "Paris Je T'Aime." This translated as "Paris, I Love You." It is an incredible collection of "stories from the city of love" and it also rich in gender issues worthy of exploration. The film boasts an impressive collection of directors from all over the world and is one of the coolest short film collections I've seen in a long time. Some shorts are in English, most are in French. Each short seems to be tied to a geographical location in Paris.

Many of the segments are incredibly teachable but my absolute favorite short is directed by a South African director Oliver Schmitz's "Place des Fêtes" (Chapter 13). By far the "lol" short is the Cohen Brother's peice "Tuileries" (Ch 5) featuring Steve Bushemi. That is probably not super teachable because of the language.

Instead of pulling one of those two shorts for the Ning, I decided to pull the most surprising one ... "Père-Lachaise" (Ch 16). I thought this clip would speak to the British Literature group while giving the teaching with foreign film/moving image and gender groups a taste of the feature.

This short is about love and the wittiest dude that ever lived "across the pond." Why is is a surpirse you ask? Well the short is directed by Wes Craven (of Nightmare on Elm Street Fame). Remember, the film is posted here "for educational use only." We're able to do that because of our password protection - makes it easier to post under fair use.

The clip is about 5-minutes - give it a watch!

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About 60% of the shorts are completely teachable, it is a moving collection of films certainly worthy of a watch.



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OK, this is directed to all of you film teachers out there: what are the "best" teacher guides and/or books to using short film in the classroom? Please post your responses for all to see. THANKS. Frank Baker
Ryan, the audio on the clip is extremely quiet. Anything that can be done about that? I've tried it on 2 different machines, a Mac and PC.



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