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On my blog today, I suggest some ideas teachers and parents might do with kids around the holiday season. There are activities like making a book at Storybird, basing a reader's theatre on a children's book, creating a photo card at BeFunky, making a diorama or suggestions for creative ways to say thank you. 

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Here are two other fun activities for families over the holidays. One is to begin a family oral history in which youngsters interview older relatives about their lives and tape their life stories. There are questions and guides on my web site at that will help you do this,excerpted from my book, ''How to Tape Instant Oral Biographies.'' The other is to create a family memory quilt from paper panels in which family members on cardboard panels draw and color in important events in their lives. Quilt panels and subject ideas can be found at: -- these are from my book, ''My Paper Memory Quilt.''
I hope you'll try them out and enjoy these wonderful activities.
Bill Zimmerman
Hi Susan ... great blog - thought I might add these great resources from the Smithsonian Museum here in DC:
"RT @smithsonian: Then check out wintertime crafting inspired by our collection of 19th C snowflake photographs"
Ryan, would love to check it out, but the owly link takes me to



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