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Here are some worksheets I've modified and/or created for teaching critical thinking and analysis of the media. If you'd like more details on my unit, please let me know! I'm doing this unit w/ 6th grade, but it can be modified for any intermediate grade.

In addition to these two lessons, I also did a print media analysis lesson where they had magazine ads at their tables and answered Q's about them orally, both as a whole group and in partners.

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These are great - Way to drop cool tools!!


I just looked at your TV analysis; it looks great! For my project for this course I also created graphic organizers for my classroom. I loved the organization of the document as well as the questions that you posed. I think I could modify this for my second grade classroom. Here are some of the graphic organizers that I created for a film that I viewed with my class. I made my graphic organizers using what Pam Goble discussed in her Media Circles.

Let me your thoughts!
Wow, Amy! Thanks!! I can't wait to look these over.
Hi! I mentioned above that I'd modified these worksheets but didn't say where I got the originals from! So sorry about that. I modified the TV analysis from and got the basic "skeleton" ideas for the web analysis sheet from Cable in the Classroom's series on teaching media deconstruction.



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