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I teach in a suburban high school with a small ELL population. I am an English teacher, but am co-teaching with the ELL teacher for three ELL (Spanish) students who are quite fluent in English. We just got a freshman who speaks no English and we only have six weeks before summer break! The district provided him with an iPad and I was wondering if there were any good Spanish/English apps that anyone knew of: translation, or otherwise. Google Translate (as we all know) doesn't cut it.

I bet I could get some money from the district if they aren't free--we're trying to build a better ELL program and knowledge base than we have now.

Thank you very much for any info or ideas you have.

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hi - Language Perfect is great for just vocab activities. Although it was developed in New Zealand for people learning a language other than English, it has expanded for ELL. You can select both the base language and the language being learnt. I teach Indonesian myself, so am not familiar with the English / Spanish content but it is used around the world now.

For designing your own specific sets free of charge, quizlet is populer (not such if there is an app) and cram is fantastic as it has some games that students find pretty cool (including a space shoot 'em up themed spelling game). Again, I don't know if there is an app.
Good luck! Will follow to see what other suggestions you get!

Awesome suggestions! Thank you! I'll look into them.



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