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Hello all--

I am working on a grant proposal to get some money to install LCD projectors in our world language classrooms for next year.  I'm having a hard time thinking through how to answer the following part 

"clearly describe how you will measure student achievement gains as a result of integrating innovative technology strategies into the classroom curriculum".  

Any ideas?

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Here's a start for you:
Being able to use multimedia and visuals with the classroom will promote and allow practice of 21st century skills that will be used in the work world. Facilitating and getting students involved in collaboration, communication, analysis and problem solving in the classroom will enhance and energize learning. In addition, it helps students understand how to create, how to be innovative, how to learn from others. Students will be measured on the quality of their content, process and product examples. Students will present content to the class, demonstrating to the class what they should have learned in the area of .... and will be measured on........ Students will develop step by step study guides collaboratively as a team, and will present to another group and measured by....... In addition, students will demonstrate their learning by creating a multimedia final product that can be used by younger students just beginning to learn the language and will be measured by....
Wow, that's a tricky one. It seems more that innovative teaching facilitated by technology would generate student gains...A good resource to reference is Using Technology Wisely by Harold Wenglinsky which succinctly (89 pgs) describes evaluation designs and related findings about student achievement.
Here is what I used to measure tech strategies. Pre and Post assessments with the explanation below and this rubric you may have a good start.

Good Luck!
Anne- When I have done proposals like this, others told me not to devalue the power of teacher observations. With an audio system in my class I can see student's eyes are on me more, but don't have any 'statistical data' to show for it, other than my professional observations. If you wanted to compile some more statistics, you could create a google doc or some other online survey to ask students what they think... on a scale system or I have even used direct quotes of students thoughts in previous applications.
Thanks to everyone for their input. It was really valuable and helped my colleagues and I to formulate the grant proposal. We submitted it last week and are keeping our fingers crossed!



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