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Are you teaching about history, art, math, science or storytelling? If so, this new doc It Might Get Loud has plenty of exciting and teachable clips. The film is directed by Davis Guggenheim, the dude behind An Inconvenient Truth. The film's official website is here. The film's iconic subjects - Jack White, The Edge, and Jimmy Page give a history of the electric guitar and, by proxy, popular music.

First watch the trailer...

Now obviously this cross generational "oral history" can be sued to study documentary filmmaking or history - Is this a primary source document? Why where these subjects chosen? What types of footage was used in the film, why? What is missing from this story?

The subjects also take us full circle through the history of the instrument. Art, film and technology teachers might consider using the film to trace the development of an art form in relation to technology.

Obviously, there are lots of teaching implications for MC POP style teachers. That being said, I think the real treat here is for math and science teachers thanks to this great How-To article from the Chicago Tribune.

Anyone whose ever seen the ULTIMATE MC POP style film Donald In MathMagic Land or knows a lot about Pythagorus will be quick to point out that you can learn a lot about fractions by studying stringed instruments. Here's one of my favorite clips from the Disney film - posted here, as usual, for educational use only:

Find more videos like this on Making Curriculum Pop
Clearly, a hands on exploration of fractions could easily be done by having students create their own guitars.
In the trailer you see Jack White creating an ad-hock guitar, and the writers at the Tribune put his idea to the test. The article above contains a step by step "how-to" while this video illustrates the process...

If anyone decided to rock this into a lesson plan, please do share your cool ideas and applications...

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