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Aug. 19, 2018 WIR: Math Comics, Aretha & Autotune, Mad Scientists and more...


Happy Sunday People!

Let’s rock a Week in Review!

FWIW, my fav find this week was OMG MATH COMIC COLLECTION: From MCPOPPer Marek Bennett. Even if you don’t teach math, this is a MUST SEE collection!

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in Librarians aka Media Specialists
ARTICLE: Is it a school library or a bookstore?
IDEA: Hidden Book Rocks
STUDIES: Leisure Reading at an All-Time Low?

in High School English Teachers Rock!
PAPER: Empowering students as critical readers & writes in online spaces
TOON: Let them read (not an either or situation ☯️)
TOON: #SummerReading

in Special Educators
COMIC E-BOOK: Hummingbird Joy: A Book of All the Things that Make You #Happy
QUOTABLE TWEET by Laurie Halse Anderson
ARTICLE: Magical Kingdom of Learning (Comics & Special Ed)

in Econ, Gov & Biz
ARTICLE: How To Make A Civics Education Stick
VIDEO: How much did Adam Smith care about the Invisible Hand? via CBR

in Math Educators!
ARTICLE/VID: Five Ways To Shift Teaching Practice So Students Feel Less Math Anxious
AUDIO: Who Wrote That Beatles Song? This Algorithm Will Tell You
IDEA: Math Autobiographies
ARTICLE: Understanding why is focus of new Detroit math curriculum
INFOGRAPHICS: 1,000 years’ worth of data
ARTICLE: Make Your Daughter Practice Math. She’ll Thank You Later.

in Identity: Gender, Race, Sexuality & Power
VIDEO/RESEARCH: Finding a Voice in Predominantly White Institutions: A Longitudinal Study of Black Women Faculty Members

in Adolescent Lit
BOOK: Dogs of War

in Sustainable/Green Education
ARTICLE: The Department of Defense wants to protect itself from climate change threats it’s helping to spur
POET: An indigenous writer making poetry and climate change matter

in Science Teachers
EVENT: Case Study Teaching in Science Conference, September 21-22, 2018, in Buffalo, NY
COMIC: Mad Scientists
PODCAST: Are US Scientists Making the Upside-down in Chicagoland?

in American Literature
COMEDY: Fizgerald vs. Jarvanka
RADIO: Of Law and Literature (and Medicine)

in Music
THREAD: From Aretha 2 Autotune
RESEARCH: How empathy affects the way you process and enjoy music
NYT COLLECTION: Louder: Remembering Aretha Franklin

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Thanks, as always, for being a part of our community!

I look forward to chatting with everyone online!

Ryan R. Goble Ed.D.


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