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November 2011 Blog Posts (7)

Rise of Internet Reviewing

One thing that has continued to capture my attention as I research for information on how to write lesson plans to include new media, is the fact that numerous people on the internet seem to be becoming more critical of current media and media from their past. Certain sites such as and have teams of people, of various ages who all review different types of films, games, comics, etc. Mind you it is presented in a format which will give audiences a…


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NCTE Session G.41 Teaching the Hero's Journey: Understanding Our Past, Creating Our Future

On Saturday, I presented with Glenda Funk and Ami Szerencse on teaching the Hero's Journey. Here you will find my slide deck and handouts. You can find the handouts Glenda and Ami shared here at Glenda's blog.



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Graphic Novels and State Standards

I just finished writing an article for Diamond Bookshelf Magazine about how graphic novels meet the text complexity standards in the Common Core State Standards for ELA and Literacy. When I first wrote my graphic novel curriculum, graphic novels were not listed on the suggested texts in the 2001 Massachusetts State Standards document, but lo and behold, they…


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Cross Grade American Born Chinese Project

When my colleague at Masco suggested we co-teach American Born Chinese, I jumped at the opportunity. Since I challenge my students to argue whether or not ABC is appropriate for middle school readers, actually talking to eighth graders about the issues in the novel sounded like a perfect idea! We plan to use my course ning network to foster discussion between both grades, and at the end of the unit the kids will meet in person. That is a very brief overview of the project.…


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My Q2 Graphic Novel Project

My students are 17 years of age and older....


Project Directions

Reading List



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For Teaches of International Film please read:

Hi Teachers of International Film,

I am very interested in having teachers across the United States use my book, World Affairs in Foreign Films, and the multi-disciplinary pedagogy it describes.

If anyone is interested, please email me at


World Affairs in Foreign Films is a new type of book that uses Foreign Films to give

information about today’s geo-political hotspots.

McFarland Publisher’s brochure contains the…


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