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Although William Shakespeare's plays and poetry are among the most famous in the world, there are few records of his life. What scant documentary evidence exists paints Shakespeare as a litigious and pecuniary figure, a far cry from the sublime artiste. These issues, among others, have prompted readers of Shakespeare to doubt that the man from Stratford was the true author of the plays. But why do we care so much about who Shakespeare was, and what does that say about us? 

With James Shapiro, professor of English at Columbia University and author of Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare? as a guide, Brooke explores the ways in which the centuries-long war over Shakespeare's identity illuminates our shifting perceptions of class, art, genius, and even religion. 

Music: "Castle Bard" - Derek and Brandon Fiechter; "Medieval Fare" - Derek and Brandon Fiechter; "La Volta for Elizabeth I" - David Hirschfelder; "Ballade No. 2 in F, Op. 38" - Chopin, played by Maurizio Pollini; "La Volta" - Thomas Morley; Banjo melody; "Verklärte Nacht Sextet for 2 Violins, 2 Violas, and 2 Cellos, Op. 4" - Arnold Schoenberg. 

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