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Rocking Your Profile

Hey MC Popper,

One of the first cool things you can do when you join the Ning is update your profile photo. This is the easiest way for each of us to create a little splash of individuality within the elaborate mosaic of MC Poppers you see in the upper left hand corner of the main page.

Most people simply choose to upload your favorite self-portrait. To do this...

1. Go to your little profile thing in the upper right hand corner of the Ning page.

2. CLICK on "settings" - see where the mouse is in the image below

3. After you click "settings," you'll enter your profile page. From there you want to CLICK on the camera icon (see mouse below)

4. The Ning will ask you to upload a photo from your computer. I recommend having your favorite mugshot on your desktop.

5. After you know where the image you want to use is located, CLICK on "Upload an image from your computer." When you've selected a winner CLICK done.

6. From there absolutely make sure you CLICK SAVE CHANGES! See where my arrow is here... that should put you in the right space to bless the Ning with your stunning visage. :)

Everyone understands why some people out there are uncomfortable putting their photo on line...

If you would rather not put your image up there - as a compromise - may I suggest you follow the lead of MC Poppers like Sebastian (Wolverine), Chuck (Mona Lisa w/ Bubble Gum), Helen (green haired digital anime avatar), Laura (aka punk rocker) and Len (aka Bilbo Baggins).

You can always add a splash of your personality to the Ning by selecting an image from pop culture that tells us a little about you and your pop tastes; your "pop avatar" on MC POP!

On a related note, Brady recently joined our community and I'd love to know more about his photo and is certainly in the top ten images thus far.

If you have a real photo of you posted, please keep it up as I think those are the coolest (especially if your a former student).

Although I've been using my actual mug, for the record, I would want my pop avatar to be this..

but I'm willing to recognize that a more accurate avatar would be..

Please be like Richard Gere in Chicago and "Razzle Dazzle" MC Poppers with your photo/image/avatar!

Thanks for joining the fun.



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