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Media making process- to teach Media Literacy and Health Education

Here in Burlington Vermont we have used media production to teach Media Literacy to youth grades 4 to 12 for the past 7 years. Our approach is to make the field production "simple", dynamic and effective. We plan shots that tell our story. Simple or complicated shots that we can do many times, with all participants adding value to the shot. The actors, the camera department, the field audio crew, the writers, everyone contributes to our continuos "take" until we get it the best we can- and then we don't have much post production editing as the "shot" keeps the viewers watching. We take on tobacco advertising, alcohol advertising and many other subjects. Youth want to "be on TV" and make media, we think we can put that energy to good use.

James Valastro of

a good example is-

other examples are- (all of these "skits" were filmed in under one hour)

and this is clips of us working with H/S students during a week long project

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James, I'd like to showcase this and another media makers post (a broadcast e-mail). Can you do me a favor to make this more of an easy read for people:

1. Embed the videos so people don't have to click out.
2. You might consider moving it to the discussion forum of the Media Literacy or Film and Video Production group - that way people will be able to find your work as a resource when they go into those special interest groups.





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