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Here is what I'm looking for: Teacher stories of success with students in the classroom- I'm looking for a story of inspiration where you helped a student in some way that would never be "evaluated" but made a difference nonetheless. Students: Stories where a teacher made a difference in YOUR life in some way or inspired you/helped you, etc. I'm not looking for classroom lessons or Common Core- but what we really do in the lives of our students first and foremost- these can be past or recent- I plan to compile them in a book- you will be given full credit for your submission- email them to Please do not post them here. I think it important for teachers as inspiration but also for our policy makers to see that teachers do so much more than teach to the test or to common core- but that our first priority is to reach out to our students and mold them into competent, successful and loved individuals!

Thank you!

Amy Clancy

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