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Vocabulary of Love

Refer to the most recent reading or topic you’ve studied with your class. Ask students to consider way(s) that love could have helped resolve the issues faced by the characters/people in that reading?

This, of course, should lead to discussion of different kinds if love – affection, friendship, eros (erotic), and charity. Consider THINK, PAIR, SHARE.

Then invite students to create a LOVE acrostic poem based on that reading/discussion.  Copy and paste these these quickie poems in a Wordle, or Tagxedo Word Cloud Shapes print and project as poster.  Or publish the poems as a Prezi or Powerpoint on class website.  Exchange with other classes doing same assignment. Come back to the poems as review before test or exam.

What a propitious time to help students
expand their understanding
of connotation and denotation.

The class I was preparing for was reading Richard Wright’s autobiographical novel, Black Boy. 
Here's a LOVE acrostic about the relationships in that book.

   Loving is stifled when folks don’t listen.

   Obviously, they all soon suffer.

   Very likely Richard would have succeeded sooner if

   Everyone had listened and acted in love.


Richard Wright Black Boy Love Peom



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