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Hello All!

The Imagine Better Network/Project is a project of the Harry Potter Alliance.

Currently, we are in the process of trying to create a Google Group filled with story-based educators. Story-based educators are people who use narrative stories (including books, movies, graphic novels, video games, etc.) to make curriculum, lesson plans, and generally connect with students.

I'm looking for people who do this not once or twice, but really dig in there and use story-based education as the basis of their teaching.

If this sounds like you, please connect with me through any means you choose:

1) friend me here and we can talk

2) Tweet at me: @dontbhave

3) shoot me an email:

I'll have to talk to you about how you use story-based education, and then I'll be able to follow-up with more details about the Google Group later this month.

Hope to hear from you!

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