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OK this post would normally be the domain of the Graphic Novel and World/US History groups - if you're into any of these things especially GN&Comics do join those groups. In the meantime, I thought I'd cross post to share this resource and hip some folks to some really cool old resource blogs.

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I thought I shared these resources with folks, but as I was hunting for them in the Ning tonight I realized I might not have posted them. To connect the dots - last January I did two blogs about History & Comics:



Last week, I highlighted Gonick's new work:
NEW COMIC: Gonick's History of the World Series

What I forgot to tell people about is this series of Glencoe/Jamestown Graphic Novels about American and World History. They are beautiful full color stories BUT they're only printing them on glossy paper comic style. If they were two bucks a comic that would not be a big deal, however they're almost seven bucks a pop. They are, of course, assuming that you'll keep coming back to buy class sets every year after your students thrash the copies you just purchased.

One has to hope they make hardcover editions of these comics!

1.American History Ink

American History Ink
American History Ink brings history to life with illustrated historical fiction covering important eras in our nation's history! Improve comprehension of historical fiction through high-interest topics reflecting our nation's rich history, engage and motivate students with stories told through the eyes of adolescents of the time, and prepare students for high-stakes assessments.

These beautifully illustrated books represent important eras and events from American History in graphic, four-color texts. The 10-book series begins with the introduction of horses to American Indian culture on the Great Plains and ends with the impact of Hurricane Katrina and the determined efforts of rescue workers and workers in the days following Hurricane Katrina. Each book covers a topic commonly covered in American History courses. Texts are appropriate for use in history, humanities, and language arts courses.

2. World History Ink

World History Ink
World History Ink brings history to life. These beautifully illustrated graphic novels represent important eras and events from world history. The 10-book series features thrilling tales from across the globe, including the story of Pharaoh Hatshepsut - the first female to rule Egypt, Magellan's discovery of the strait to the Pacific Ocean, and the destruction of Pompeii in the explosion of Mount Vesuvius. Texts are appropriate for use in history, humanities, and language arts courses.

• Teach literary elements and writing skills with full lesson plans and reprinted novels without text in the Teacher Guide
• Extend students' understanding of each time period with biographical sketches, timelines, and maps
• Encourage critical thinking with background information, personal response, and vocabulary activities

World History Ink: The Taj Mahal
World History Ink: The Silk Road
World History Ink: The Black Death
World History Ink: Uprising in Soweto
World History Ink: Pharaoh Hatshepsut
World History Ink: The Final Days of Pompeii
World History Ink: The Mexica: Early Aztecs
World History Ink: The Strait of Magellan
World History Ink: The Prison Colony of Australia
World History Ink: South American Independence

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