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Hello all - thought I'd post some of the links I've found useful as a Japanese teacher in hopes that some of you might have resources of your own to share.


Without further ado:


  1. Katakana and Hiragana "Drag n' Drop" Timer: This site provides a fun, timed challenge to drag alphabet letters into boxes.  Useful in the computer lab, and if you happen to have a Smart board, GREAT for timed team exercises in Japanese I.
  2. Japan Teach: A solid site with lots of materials, including some fun board games for practicing combination hiragana and katakana (じゃ、きょ、etc.).
  3. Kid's Web: So much to do!  Tons of cute, fun things you can use in class to help kids learn their basics.


I also use Karuta games in class to study hiragana, but games for more advanced grammar are difficult to find (I'm starting to design some of my own).


Hope this helps out, and please - if you have any good web resources for Japanese (or just want to add), chip in!

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