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Hello!! I thought this group would be the perfect place to post this Q. Can any of you recommend a program for teaching in Japan for a summer or a semester? Like a sabbatical kind of program? I've looked into the Fullbright program for 2012-2013, and Japan isn't one of the countries on the list for that year, so that's out. I hope there are other programs I might explore. I'd appreciate any recommendations, or even contact info for people I could contact. Thanks so much!!

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Toyota rotates countries and you could say you're secondary because you do 5th & 6th grade see -


Also the Fullbright Japan - Japan-U.S. Teacher Exchange Program for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

There is also the JET program - I know Jeff Kupperman (a prof at University Michigan Flint) is a past JET participant and he might be able to give you some ideas as well.

When I was a social studies teacher, I took a one year leave and participated in the JET program sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  It was a great experience, where I both got to experience Japanese culture and alos got to be embedded in a Japanese public school.

Good luck,

Rob Fish

Director of Education

Japan Society of New York

Robert, my husband and I have done lots of research into JET and think it could be a great entree into Japan for us. You mentioned taking a one-year leave; was that hard to arrange? My contract currently only allows for a SHORT sabbatical (like 3 months, I think). Was yours that way and you had to request longer, or were you already allowed a longer leave? And if you don't mind my asking, was it unpaid leave?


This would probably depend on your district and contract.  In my case, it was an unpaid leave, and was given based on very strong support from my department chair and principal, as well as support from the community.  It also helped that, has I returned, it would have directly benefited my teaching assignment.  If you would like to discuss in more detail, please let me know, and I would be happy to discuss in a non-public forum.



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