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A Moment of Triumph, a moment of doubt

as I sent the acceptance email for our workshop at the allied media conference,
I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. I am taking steps to make this dream
come true. It’s just that the steps just seem so small, and the journey so far. I’m
not sure that this will happen for us. But I am committing to making it happen,
so it will be – I am the creator of my own destiny, right?

I had the students write “summer bucket lists” of things that they wanted to get done.
All of the LPS kids wrote “go to Detroit” on the top of their lists. This is going to
happen. I will make it so, one way or another. They’ve worked hard for this. So have I.
I am anticipating a last-minute, anonymous donor. I hope there’s a little Hollywood
ending for this trip. I can already see the slideshow of pictures from the drive there,
back and around Detroit, in my mind.

So many people have invested their time, their love, and their heart in this. It has
changed me so much just to witness their work ethic, their desire to go turned into
creative energy. I am in awe of my business conversations with J-Star, who named us.
I love how Jazz is always there to listen to me vent. How Thing One has been my
sanity. How P always makes me smile. How Zeus surprises and challenges me.
How Cronus is quietly there to help. How Apollo is slowly becoming the ideas man.
How Mel provides laughter, and marketing skills. How T-Skillz yells “BAKE SALE!”
and pumps me up! How A and J kick arse (and Chimi reluctantly does too).

It has been my pleasure to get to know these folks (names have been changed to
protect the identities of the poets). This is just the beginning.
Detroit, here we come!


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