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Reaching Kids from a different angle- Virtual Worlds - Quest Atlantis

Quest Atlantis -- For elementary teachers, another way to reach kids using a research based approach of questing in a world of science, math, art, literacy, ecological concerns, and social justice - Quest Atlantis. I used it in my grade 4 classroom for 3 years as a part of my general project based approach. It is way more than a program installed on computers, it is a teacher facilitated, worldwide venue for global awareness and learning. Comes at no charge as it is a research project via Indiana University; participants only need to sign a consent to participate form.  I also use this in my teacher education classes to expose pre-service teachers to new methods of engaging learners using technology. Fosters collaboration, problem solving, creativity, peer helping, especially with reading. There is a network of QA teachers who share their experiences on Facebook, blogs, and wikis.


Quest Atlantis Main site:


Steven Caldwell (Australia) recently made some intro videos - here is one, which is Part 2. Many others are available on YouTube (Sasha Barab, Principal Investigator).



Terry Smith

Western Illinois University

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Comment by Ryan Goble on May 15, 2011 at 10:11am

Hi Terry - this is great!  You might want to copy and paste it into the Elementary Teachers discussion forum BECAUSE I've built this ning around the groups AND when you post in one of the special interest groups every member in that group gets an e-mail announcing your blog.  That is a great way to give your post an audience.  The blogs feature (which I keep meaning to gut) is the classic "if a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it" kind of space. I highlight blogs posted in groups on Monday - so if you relocate this bad boy I'll be quick to share it with everyone.  Thanks so much for joining the discussion!



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