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Not exactly the descriptors, as this one is in English. Two Days in Paris, however, shows great differences in continental attitudes. The boy friend from NY can't quite grasp the reality of Paris. The girl friend (played very well by Julie Delpy, who also directed the film) is a Parisian who is more than right at home in the city of lights. She is, in fact, the toast of the town with a historical romanance or at least dalliance amongst many suitors. Within hours of returning to her family and city, and accompanied by her BF, she meets many of her old flames at her former haunts, and each somehow sends her a message that he is available, should she be.


For street scenes, TDIP is fantastic. Director Delpy lovingly looks at the markets, the houses, the oddities in the streets, the way the cars are parked. All of these underline the discomfort the boyfriend feels in Paris and in their relationship.


This would be a good film for a mature audience (senior high school or above). It should generate discussions on gender roles, equality, cultural differences, values, etc. It is certainly not your Hollywood film. This is certainly not An American in Paris. It is a different kind of romance, and its a story worth seeing.



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