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What would happen to Education if paper and pencil were banned?

The very simple answer is that Education would finally move into the 21st Century.

Look at today's preschool children. The iPad has become their busy box.  They are confused at paper magazines that do not scroll to touch.  They can have relatively complex conversations and they understand pictures and icons.  They are on cell phones and would soon learn to text just as they learned to speak and listen.  And these children come to school in a 21st Century environment.  And then, we…


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Why NCLB is inherently flawed

The current structure of the No Child Left Behind program guarantees that children will be left behind for two specific reasons.  The purpose of this note is to elucidate those reasons and suggest concrete solutions.


Educational Standards in the 19th Century


The most important reason that NCLB can not succeed is inherent in the goals that have been set.  The Educational Establishment wants to go “back to basics” and has concentrated on reading and…


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